Irish National Hydrology Conference Proceedings

The Irish National Committees for the International Hydrological Programme and the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage organise a not-for-profit National Hydrology Conference as an annual event. Since 2000, the Seminar has become a regular November event, drawing audiences of over 150 delegates from a range of backgrounds and sectors.

Each year the Conference, has an overall theme, with a number of sub-themes, under which papers are presented covering topical aspects of hydrology and associated areas of interest in Ireland. The Conferences are intended to be practical, rather than theoretical, with information, innovations, policy and advice provided that professionals should find relevant in their day-to-day activities.

To promote the distribution of information and ideas on hydrology in Ireland, Hydrology Ireland provides access to research and practical papers. These are listed in alphabetical order below, and may be accessed (as an abstract or a full paper) by clicking on the title of the paper.

If you would like to submit a paper for publication on Hydrology Ireland (subject to approval of the Committees), please Email the relevant material and contact details to


Papers Listings by year below:

Please note that the findings, contents or any material contained within the papers published on the site are the views of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the views, recommendations or policies of the National Committees or its members, the Office of Public Works or any of the supporting or associated organisations or Government Departments.


For further information on this year’s seminar, or to download a registration form, please click on the relevant link below. For information on past seminars, including copies of the papers presented (where available), please select the Programme and Papers link for the relevant seminar.