2006 Irish National Hydrology Conference Papers

00. Introduction 2006

01. The Implications of climate change for hydrological regimes and water resources: An Overview, Arnell

02. Downscaling global climate models for Ireland: Providing future scenarios, Sweeney and Fealy

03. The potential impacts of climate change on groundwater resources: From the high plains of the US to the Flatlands of the UK, Hiscock and Tanaka

04. Regional climate ensemble simulations for Ireland – impact of climate change on river flooding, Semmler et. al.

05. The impact of climate change on catchment hydrology and water resources for selected catchments in Ireland, Murphy, C.

06. Climate Change scenarios and impact on catchment and rainfall runoff response, Elsaesser at. al.

07. Future climate change and water colour in Irish peatland catchments: results from the CLIME project, Jennings et. al.

08. Sustainable Water Management: the experience in OECD countries, Bonnis, G.

09. The Public and Climate Change, Huyskes et. al.