About the National Committees

The National Committees are the focal point in Ireland for two organisations, the International Hydrological Programme (an inter-governmental programme under the auspices of UNESCO) and the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (a non-governmental organisation). A brief description of the activities of the Committee and the organisations is given below.

International Hydrological Programme (IHP)
The UNESCO international scientific co-operative programme in hydrology and water resources, the IHP, was established to act as a catalyst to promote co-operation and research in the management of water resources, an issue which had been identified as a significant limiting factor for harmonious development in many regions and countries of the world.

During 1989, the role of the National Committee (IHP) was defined as a focus in Ireland for IHP activities and in particular:

  1. to stimulate and facilitate co-operation and exchange of information between various organisations involved with hydrology in Ireland.
  2. to receive/send communications from/to UNESCO.
  3. to make suggestions about the draft plans for the successive programme phases.
  4. to recommend or supply names of persons suitable for acting as rapporteurs or working group members for IHP projects.
  5. to supply Irish data for IHP projects.
  6. to encourage the undertaking by Irish organisations of hydrological projects pertinent to the current phase of IHP and stimulate such with financial contributions towards equipment.
  7. to facilitate and encourage Irish participation in international hydrological projects.
  8. to encourage participation by Irish hydrologists at relevant international conferences.
  9. to disseminate information about IHP to Irish organisations and individuals.
  10. to form a library holding of UNESCO documents relating to or emanating from IHP phases – these include technical documents.
  11. to hold regular committee meetings.
  12. to hold or to assist in the holding of hydrologically relevant conferences,
  13. to comment, as appropriate, on hydrological issues


International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)
The mission of the ICID is to stimulate and promote the development of the management of water and land resources for irrigation, drainage, flood control and river training applications, including research and development and capacity building.

Composition of the National Committees
The National Committees comprises representatives from a range of relevant government departments, agencies and universities. The current list of represented bodies is provided below:

  • Bord na Mona
  • Coillte
  • Dept. of Agriculture and Food
  • Dept. of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources
  • Dept. of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
  • Electricity Supply Board (ESB)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)
  • Met. Eireann
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Office of Public Works (OPW)
  • Teagasc
  • The University of Dublin, Trinity College
  • University College, Cork
  • University College Dublin
  • Waterways Ireland
  • Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland (Observer)
  • The Secretariat for the National Committees is provided by the Office of Public Works.


Contact Us
To contact the National Committees, please email ihp-icid@opw.ie