Notices and Publications

Hydrology Ireland Notices and Publications

To promote communication within the hydrological community in Ireland, Hydrology Ireland provides information and notices of national and international hydrological activities and relevant publications. These are listed below by category of notice.

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Please note that the notices published on Hydrology Ireland do not necessarily infer the support or recommendation of the National Committees or its members, the Office of Public Works or any of the supporting or associated organisations or Government Departments. Similarly, the findings, contents or any material provided in relation to the notice do not necessarily reflect the views, recommendations or policies of the National Committees or its members, the Office of Public Works or any of the supporting or associated organisations or Government Departments.

Table of Notices and Publications

Notices & Publications Listing
  • Barriers to Sustainable Management of Water Quantity and Quality
  • Calibration and Reliability in Groundwater Modelling: A Few Steps Closer to Reality
  • Can Science and Society Avert the World Water Crisis in the 21st Century ?
  • Destructive Water: Water – Caused Natural Disasters, their Abatement and Control
  • Deterministic Methods in Systems Hydrology
  • EPA HydroNet
  • Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement in Rivers: Technological and Methodological Advances
  • Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUBs): Integrated Methods and Techniques
  • Extreme Hydrological Events: Precipitation, Floods and Droughts
  • Hydrological Drought Processes and Estimation Methods for Streamflow and Groundwater
  • Hydrology in the Mediterranean and Semiarid Regions
  • Hydrological Extremes: Understanding Predicting Mitigating
  • IFNet Website
  • IHP Catalogue of Publications – 2003
  • LEE Catchment FRAM Study Monthly Newsletters : November 2006
  • LEE Catchment FRAM Study – Monthly Newsletters : September 2006
  • LEE Catchment FRAM study monthly newsletter FEB 2007
  • LEE Catchment FRAM Study Monthly Newsletter : March
  • LEE Catchment FRAM Study Monthly Newsletter: July edition
  • LEE Catchment FRAM Study Monthly Newsletters : October 2006
  • Monitoring & Modelling of Soil Moisture: Integration over Time & Space
  • Predictions in Ungauged Basins (9)
  • Regionalization in Hydrology
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Design and Operation of Water Resources Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2000
  • Remote Sensing Applications to Hydrology
  • Report of the Flood Policy Review Group
  • Special Section on Ecohydrology
  • Sustainable Development of Water Resources
  • The Ecohydrology of South American Rivers and Wetlands
  • The Extrenes of the Extremes: Extraordinary Floods
  • The Hydrology- Geomorphology Interface: Rainfall, Floods, Sedimentation, Land Use
  • The Role of Erosion and Sediment Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer
  • The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems
  • Towards Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development
  • Understanding Water in a Dry Environment
  • Water Resources Systems – Hydrological Risk, Management and Development
  • Water Resources Systems – Water Availability and Global Change
  • Weather Radar Information and Distributed Hydrological Modelling
  • World Catalogue of Floods
  • World Catalogue of Maximum Observed Floods
  • World Water Action Report